We make
beautiful websites and
online shops, mobile and
tablet application,
online marketing and
search engine optimization.


In online advertising are many ways to deliver the right marketing message to the target audience -  consumers or businesses. It includes email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, content marketing, display advertising etc. We help our clients to find the right balance with the highest impact and ROI in their advertising strategy.


Our founders have worked many years in the consulting industry and have gained a deep expertise in management, business and technology consulting strategy, planning, execution and implementing. We help our clients to build with this knowledge and experience the right online marketing strategy for their industries and businesses.


We create unique online marketing strategies & concepts that stand out from the crowd. This is the path we go at Vauman from the very beginning of the firm. We still do it and strongly believe in it. Strategies and concepts which are simple, unique and beautiful designed increase user awareness and engagement. We do it every day.


We design and develop e-Commerce and online shops for B2C and B2B transactions. We have developed in the past stand-alone online shops and e-Commerce application which are integrated to in-house or third-party ERP or CRM solution. We use public and private API and integrate local as well as international payment gateways and solution.

Email/Newsletter Marketing

We help our clients to deliver better emails. Our campaigns have a clear marketing communication strategy.  We build creative concepts and design emails and newsletter by focusing on our clients goals and target audience. We send emails using world class email marketing infrastructure regardless of 1.000 or 100.000 emails per one time.

Platform Development

We develop individual platforms for web and mobile which follow our client’s business processes and workflow. These are customized platforms which are developed using rapid development frameworks. Our developer use industry standards and clean coding principles. Projects are managed using collaboration and revision systems.

Social Media Marketing

We help our Clients to enter and grow in domestic and international social networking application. We build together with our clients a social media strategy and action plan and follow strict the execution. We listen, engage and measure all activities within every network and report to our clients relevant development and KPIs.

Search Engine Optimization

We know domestic and international search engines like Baidu or Google and we have a deep expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and link building strategies. But SEO is not always the appropriate strategy for every website. We help our clients to find the right balance between SEO and other online marketing strategies.

Training and Support

Since the foundation of this company, we put a lot of efforts into our support. We have long term relationships with our Clients and help them with administration, trainings, service and support. It is one of the main reasons our Clients came always back to us and refer us among their business partner and friends.


Our designer have a deep knowledge and background in visual design, interaction design and information architecture. They build concepts and design websites, online shops and web/mobile application which are easy to access, use and understand regardless the user visits the site the first time or is a repeat visitor.

UX/UI Design

At Vauman we have a full team dedicated to digital work. Our designers play an important role in this team. They create unique online marketing concepts and design simple and at the same time beautiful user interfaces for desktop computer, tablet PCs and smartphone. Our designers and developer work very close to transfer ideas into reality.

Web Design

One of the core services from Vauman was in the very beginning user interface design and development. It is still one of the main services ask by our Clients today. Our designers analyze carefully the industries and business from our clients and create unique concepts and design beautiful corporate websites, online shops and web application.


We organize workshops with our clients and built online marketing strategies and execution plans together with our client’s marketing and sales team in an interactive and fun way. Our clients bring their industry & business expertise and we bring our online marketing and platform development experience into the workshop.

Web Analytics

We monitor our client’s websites and web application and provide their marketing team and decision maker relevant data regarding web and mobile traffic and user engagement. We deliver the right key performance indicator to make sure that our clients can focus on their daily business and operation.

Web Development

Web design and development is one of the core services from us. We have built corporate websites, online shops and web application using enterprise grade platforms, frameworks and open source solution. All our web based projects are cross-browser compliant and run on every browser and every device including tablets and mobile phones.